“The new definition of a billionaire is someone who can positively affect the lives of a billion people.”

It's simple, we create a safe environment for you to be seen for who you truly are...

What is eye gazing?

Eye Gazing is a powerful relational based meditation where we learn to experience deeper levels of connection that satisfy our innate biological desires to be seen heard, valued and understood.

When you eye gaze you're not just staring into someone's eyes, you are seeing beyond the physical qualities of whom you sit with, your senses allow you to perceive the truth of each moment, showing you the in explicable unity that exists between each and every one of us. 

Eye Gazing shows us that the influence we have on the world around us is more significant then we realise, and through this process we are able to come into a deeper alignment with our purpose.


  • Deeper understanding of your emotions and relationship with your body

  • Transforms your relationships

  • Increases levels of awareness, perception and intuition.

  • Increase self-confidence.

  • Heightens intimacy in relationships.

  • Increases levels of empathy and compassion

  • Instantly reduces loneliness, social isolation and anxiety.

Our reach so far

In almost 3 years we’ve held over 300 events with a team of 60+ volunteers within 15 countries all over the world attracting thousands of participants in attendance.