Igor Kreyman is the founder of The Human Connection Movement, an innovative social enterprise that is bridging new ways to transform society through facilitating transformational experiences that connect humanity.

Igor has been holding eye-gazing events globally with the purpose of removing barriers between people and raising the awareness of the benefits of face-to-face communication during an era of rapid technological advancement.

Whilst we are living in the most digitally connected time in our history, we are more socially disconnected then ever and he is steering the movement to tackle the variables associated with loneliness which contain a range of poor mental, physical and socio-economic outcomes, including low self-esteem, suicide, depression, heart disease and poor physical health.

Igor has organized and facilitated over 150 events globally over the last 2 years, with tens of thousands of participant’s in attendance, creating experiences with a team of 60 other volunteers to create safe containers for people to experience meaningful quality connection, belonging, community and the chance to be fully seen heard and valued.

This work has lead him to work with couples that want to transform their relationship and experience deeper levels of intimacy, connection, trust and vulnerability as well as families and friendships that are looking for resolution and healing.

Igor also holds men's circles which provide the opportunity for men to talk about heavily stigmatized subjects and experience authentic and meaningful connection in a safe space where they are able to be seen, heard, valued and understood.

Most recently Igor been holding workshops in agencies and corporations transforming organisational culture by creating an ethos of belonging and quality connection in a sector that is struggling with it the most, with recent studies stipulating that only 62% of employees are engaged in the workplace across APAC.

Igor has been traveling the world raising awareness and holding eye-gazing events at festivals, including “We’re All Going To Die”, an immersive festival that combined world premiere films, official book launch, installation, visual art, music and performance. Where Igor and his team facilitated an eye-gazing event for over 1000 participants over a period of 4 hours.

He is also an actor with his most recent role in upcoming feature film, "One Less God," (2018), which won the Grand Jury Prize & Industry Choice award at Dance's With Film's Festival, Los Angeles, CA, as well as the top prize at the Byron Bay Film Festival, Sydney, Australia.

Igor has appeared on several documentaries including, VICELAND, ABC Catalyst as well as German Psychology Magazine; "Emotion", in the same segment as Performance artist Marina Abramovic, whom was an inspiration behind him creating The Human Connection Movement.

Within the last few years he has been appeared on; The Guardian, News.com.au, Daily Mail Australia, News Corp - Body and Soul MagazineABC – Triple J HackSBS, ABC TV Prime Time News, ABC Radio with Chris Taylor, Sverige Radio Sweden, PlayGround, Canvas (NZ Herald) and assisted SBS with casting of their TV documentary series “Look Me In The Eye”.


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