Bridging new ways to transform societies by facilitating transformational experiences that connect humanity.


Eye Gazing Workshops

A workshop that enables deeper intimacy, connection and authentic relating as we learn to accept and honour people exactly as they are without judgement, providing a safe container for people to be truly seen, heard, valued and understood in a deeply satisfying soulful way.


Global Eye Gazing Events

Are you looking to observe someone go from stranger to friend within minutes? this is a safe space to attend one of our event's and experience genuine connection and interpersonal transformation through non-verbal eye contact.



Igor's speech topics include; the importance of human connection during a time rapid technological advancement, the power of eye contact, authenticity, emotional inteligence, effective communication,  intuition, empathy, and global interconnection.

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School Mindfulness Program

When children connect through eye gazing, they develop more empathy and compassion for one another, as well as experience an increase in self-awareness and altruism.


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